What we do

At the Digital Scholarship Centre, we offer services for research and teaching that respond to the needs of faculty and students of the University of Alberta.

  • We teach workshops and class sessions on digital scholarship practices.
  • We certify any member of the University community on using our tools for class projects or just for fun. 
  • We assist with the learning and use of tools and software for use in projects, teaching, research and beyond.
  • We advise researchers and their research teams in digital approaches to get projects off the ground.
  • We consult on grant applications by helping researchers refine their methodologies to include digital approaches.
  • We encourage exploration and experimentation with digital technologies in academic activities.

The Space

Our centre boasts around 8,000 sq. feet of research space located on the second floor of the Cameron Science & Technology Library on the North Campus of the University of Alberta. Knowledgeable library staff are available to help visitors in the facility during operating hours. Within the space, DSC visitors have access to the following:

  • Large-scale visualization display wall
  • Seminar rooms with movable furniture for hands-on instruction
  • Gaming-quality computers (Mac and PC)
  • Professional software
  • Fabrication and multimedia equipment
  • Collaboration workspaces.