The DSC offers a range of technologies to support research and learning in emerging areas.

Maker Space

The DSC is pleased to offer 3D printing services for students and faculty engaged in research, learning or class related projects. The service is staff mediated.

3D SCANNING – Coming Soon!
The DSC has a Sense 3D Scanner and a NextEngine 3D scanner that enables users to scan physical objects and render 3D models for modification and / or printing purposes.

The DSC has a 3D CNC Milling Machine, a Fabool Laser Cutter Mini and Cricut cutting machine. The CNC machine can be used to create 3D models from wood and other various materials. The Laser cutter and Cricut can be used to cut and etch digital designs on various materials ranging from fine paper to wood.

Please see the Makerspace Page for full details on all these services and to submit files for printing.

Media Production

The DSC will has sound proof Recording Booth that will fit 2 people. The Recording Booth is equipped with headphones, microphones, sound recording devices and an Abelton Push for sound production.

The DSC also has several Zoom H6 Audio Recorders that can be borrowed out of the centre for use in recording and research purposes.

The DSC has two camera kits for photography and video production purposes. The Canon 80D video kit includes a DSLR camera and microphone for recording still images and video.

The Ricoh Theta 360 Camera can produce fully circular 360 degree images and video.

Please see the Media Production page for full details.

Virtual Reality & Gaming

The DSC has one HTC Vive Pro VR system, a  Samsung Gear headset and several  Google Cardboard headsets which are a great introduction to VR and AR. When the service is ready, the VR studio will be bookable through VR and Gaming page.

The DSC currently has two video game consoles which are bookable for use within the DSC by University of Alberta faculty, staff, and graduate students for academic use. Game consoles and controllers can be booked for 2 hours, with the option to extend to 4 hours per day.

Currently users can bring their own games, or borrow games from Rutherford Library.

Please see the Virtual Reality & Gaming page for full details.


Data Visualization is the practice of transforming data into easy to comprehend narratives.  The DSC offers several different collaborative spaces and tools for presenting and engaging with data visualization.

We have a large (7.3m x 1.4 m) screen in our Visualization Lab, a projector wall in our Multipurpose Room and a Ideum touch table. Learn more on the Visualization Page

Please see the Visualization page for full details.


The DSC also provides access to software on our high-performance computers. This includes software for 3D design, media production, data analysis and visualization. For more information see the Software page.

You are always welcome to Contact Us with your questions regarding technology availability and use at the DSC.