The Digital Scholarship Centre is an academic centre designed to facilitate scholarly activities, including research and teaching. For more information on the types of meetings and events we support, see our Space Booking Policies below. We reserve the right to decline booking requests that do not fit our present booking policies.

The following spaces are available to be booked:

NOTE: The Visualization Lab and the Multipurpose must be booked 24 hours in advance. If you have an urgent booking need, please contact us at

Visualization Lab
Visualization Lab

The Visualization Lab features a large 7.3m x 1.4m touch-capable visualization wall. It includes cameras and microphones for video conferencing or presentations.
(Room capacity: 40 people)

Multipurpose Room
Multipurpose Room

The Multipurpose Room is a large flexible classroom with furniture that can be rearranged easily. It includes 4 large screens that can be used to present simultaneously.
(Room capacity: 24 people)

Recording Booth
Recording Booth

The recording booth fits 2 people and features equipment to support sound capture. For editing, please book a computer. Staff are able to provide a short orientation of the recording booth.

The VR Studio
The VR Studio

The VR studio uses an HTC Vive headset to provides a virtual reality environment for research, learning and creative purposes. Please contact us to learn more about the experiences and programs available.

Digitization Station
Digitization Station

An Epson 12000XL-PH large format flatbed scanner available for digitizing print materials, photographs, slides, negatives. Has a 12.2″ x 17.2″ scanning area with up to 2400 dpi optical resolution

Spaces – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following FAQ applies to bookings of the Visualization Lab and Multipurpose room in the DSC.

Space Booking Policies

Access to the collaboration rooms is currently limited to faculty, graduate students, University staff, and other researchers only. 

Requests for use of space by alumni, visiting scholars, community partners, Edmonton educational institutions, and members of the general public will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Digital Scholarship Centre is governed by the University of Alberta Library Community Expectations.

We are able to support:

  • Research, research group meetings, and research team events, such as launch celebrations, lectures, and showcases.
  • Workshops related to using technology.
  • Group work and group projects for graduate students.
  • Recording videos, podcasts, or presentations.
  • Testing the space and technology before a planned event.
  • Consultations with librarians, researchers, staff, and other University of Alberta community members.
  • Graduate student group meetings, events, and activities.

We cannot accommodate:

  • Recurring classroom lectures or seminars; please book a regular classroom space for course instruction.
  • Silent individual or group study.
  • Administrative, committee, or governance meetings.
  • Recurring meetings related to the curriculum, staff development, or faculty retreats.
  • Students Union group or club meetings.
  • Conference organizing service requests.
  • Requests for events that fall outside of regular operating hours.