Virtual Reality | Gaming

The Digital Scholarship Centre offers access to gaming consoles and our VR studio can be used for learning, testing and experiencing VR content.

Virtual Reality


The DSC has one HTC Vive Pro VR system, an industry-leading VR kit that offers a high-definition display and advanced motion tracking. This equipment is set up in our designated VR studio which is available for booking through our website.

VR Studio Policy

  • VR studio is bookable by University of Alberta, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Maximum occupancy – 3 people
  • VR Studio and all equipment is for academic, non-commercial use
  • First-time users need to complete a tutorial with a designated DSC staff member
  • No food or drink in the VR studio
  • Equipment cannot be removed from the room


The DSC has 3 Google Cardboard headsets which are a great introduction to VR and AR. The Cardboard headsets are bookable for use in the DSC. To use the Cardboard, users must have access to a smartphone that is able to download the Google Cardboard ap or other similar VR/AR ap. Cardboard headsets can be used to experience 360 photography or video.


The Samsung Gear headset is another basic VR headset that can be a good way for novice users of VR/AR to learn more and is bookable for use within the DSC. The Gear headset can also be used to experience 360 photography or video. Users must have access to a compatible Samsung smartphone and have pre-downloaded a VR/AR ap in order to use the Gear headset.


The DSC currently has two video game consoles which are bookable for use within the DSC by University of Alberta faculty, staff, and graduate students for academic use. Game consoles and controllers can be booked for use in the centre.

Currently, users must bring their own games, or borrow games from the library’s collection.


The DSC provides access to a variety of virtual reality and gaming software. This includes Terragen 4, Autodesk Maya and Eagle. These computers have a large RAM capacity to handle data-heavy media projects. You must book a time to use the computers.