The Digital Scholarship Centre (DSC) is a research and teaching facility for faculty, students, and staff at the University of Alberta. The DSC grows expertise in research methods and practices using technologies.

Our facility is currently open by appointment only, Monday – Friday between 9 – 5 pm. Please contact us to make an appointment.



Do you have questions or need help with software or a digital tool? Do you need help regarding a research project? Book a time to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members.



Looking to learn about digital tools? Using technology as part of your research? We offer free workshops throughout the year on a variety of tools and research techniques.

High Performance Computers

High Performance Computers

Need Access to software for media production, graphic design? Running complex scripts that need more computing power? We can provide remote access to our high performance computers.

Have a question or need more information on how to get started? Contact Us!