Makerspace Policies

Accessing the DSC Makerspace

Users must be certified to use each piece of equipment in the DSC Makerspace, including individual certification for the 3D printers and Cutting (Cricut) Machines.

Who can use the equipment

Any University of Alberta student, faculty, and staff member who wants to create materials for educational purposes is eligible to use Makerspace. This may include models for an assignment, research instruments, prototypes of a theoretical design, original art pieces, or personal learning. Access by members of the public and individuals not affiliated with the University of Alberta is granted on a case-by-case basis. Please ask a staff member if you are unsure. 

When you can use the equipment

Equipment can only run during the hours in which the DSC is open. 3D print jobs running past operating hours are permitted in the enclosures only. No overnight prints are permitted over weekends or holiday closures. For hours of operation, please visit the DSC website.

Users can book time on machines, and bookings will be approved once certification has been verified.

Users who do not arrive within 30 minutes of their booking start time may have their time cancelled to accommodate others.

Projects not picked up after they are completed will be held in our facility for 2 weeks. After this time, projects left in the DSC may be recycled or disposed.

What can be created

  • The above equipment may only be used for lawful purposes and in compliance with all University of Alberta policies and regulations.
  • It is prohibited to use the DSC Makerspace to create objects or material components in violation of local, provincial or federal laws, or in violation of intellectual property or proprietary rights.
  • Users may not print or create unsafe, obscene, harmful, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate components.

DSC Makerspace Expectations

Users of the Digital Scholarship Centre Makerspace are expected to:

  • Respect the intent of the Digital Scholarship Centre
    • Come in with a willingness to learn and share knowledge
    • Share what you are working on and discuss with peers
    • Do not create weapons or offensive materials
    • Do not create items for commercial resale
  • Ensure safety is a shared responsibility that keeps this space open for use
    • Only use equipment that you have been trained on/authorized to use
    • Ask Staff if you are uncomfortable or need a refresher on how to use equipment
    • Review Safety Data Sheets before using unfamiliar chemicals or materials
    • Review and follow the requirements outlined in the Safety Control Bands 
    • Report broken or malfunctioning tools to Staff immediately. Do not try to do repairs yourself
    • Report all incidents and near-misses to Staff immediately
    • No outside equipment without asking Staff first
    • Use the space when you are well-rested and unintoxicated
    • Do not leave machines running unattended. The exception is 3D printers, but if you are a certified Maker we also recommend that you check back periodically to monitor your print progress and catch errors and jams
    • Do not attempt to stop running equipment with any part of your body.
    • Be aware of all the equipment around you, especially moving parts.
    • Ensure that you are working in a properly lit space
    • Check that all pieces and tools are properly secured before operating equipment.
    • Only one person should be operating a machine at a time.
  • Ensure you meet Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for the space and activity
    • Safety glasses (for Formlabs)
    • Latex gloves (for Formlabs)
    • Closed-toe shoes
    • No loose clothing, jewelry, or hair (tie in a bun or wear a hat). Nothing on your person should hang away from your body.
  • Respect each other and the space around you
    • Dispose of scraps from your work
    • Return all tools to their places
    • Keep floors clean: any spills should be cleaned and tripping hazards removed immediately
    • Any deliberate mess-making and chaos will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave
    • If you don’t know where items belong, ask a staff member
    • No food or drink in the Makerspace (this is a lab environment)
    • Be aware of the activity going on around you
    • Share the space and equipment fairly with others
    • Abide by the University of Alberta Library and Museums Community Expectations
    • This space is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.

If you are being harassed by another person, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please submit a report here:

You may also submit a report or concern by emailing You may report harassment anonymously, or you can choose to include your contact information if you would like us to follow up with you for further investigation or to communicate actions that have been taken.

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