Data and information have become increasingly ubiquitous and easy to access today. How does the modern reader cope with this ever growing collection of large data sets? Data Visualization is the practice of transforming data into easy to comprehend narratives. These narratives can be in the form of, but are not limited to, information graphics, interactive web apps, installations etc.

Multi-touch Visualization Wall

The large scale wall (7.3m x 1.4m) located in the Visualization Lab comprises of 12 screens and has 12K resolution. The wall has multi-touch capabilities to enable a tactile experience with the displayed graphics.

The room is equipped with front and back video cameras, built-in room microphones, and allows for an HDMI and/or wireless connection from most devices.

The Visualization Lab is not intended to be used as a regular classroom. The space is intended for classroom visits, special events, talks, and workshops.

Ideum Interactive Touch Table

The touch table allows multiple users to present and share visual content on a flat table-like display. It is particularly ideal for displaying maps or visual content. Users can manipulate digital objects on the table surface by touch, making it a unique collaboration tool. The specific features of the table include:

  • 55″ display
  • ±5 ms touch response time
  • Supports 80 touch points with palm rejection
  • Windows 10 platform

The touch table is available for drop-in use.


The DSC also provides access to a variety of visualization software on our high performance computers. This includes: Tableau, R Project and R Studio, Adobe Illustrator and Arc GIS. For more information and to book a station please see the Software page.