Makerspace Equipment

3D Printing

The Library Prints for You

We do all the work to slice, set up, and monitor the print job. We notify you when it is complete. Pick your 3D models up from Cameron Library Main Floor Service Desk. Make sure to read about how it works. Ensure you prepare your model for printing.

You Print Yourself

  1. Certify to use 3D printers.
  2. Have a short orientation with DSC staff
  3. Book time on the printers to print your designs.

    Note: Users later than 30 min from their booking start time may have their bookings cancelled to accommodate other users.

Cutting Tools

The DSC has a Cricut Maker cutting machine. The Cricut Maker machine is a computer-assisted cutting machine that can cut, score, draw, emboss and perforate paper and other materials. Although limited to materials 2mm in thickness, the Cricut is surprisingly versatile and can cut paper, all weights of cardboard, fabric, vinyl, leather, chipboard and even light wood. It does not cut heavy plastic or metal. It is ideal for cutting precise pieces of a project that cannot easily be cut by hand.

To use the Cricut you must complete a certification module, have a short orientation with staff and then may book the machine.


The DSC has a variety of software for design and modelling on our 8 high-performance computers. Visit the Software Page to see a listing of what is available and to book a machine.

Workstations within the Makerspace have all the programs and drivers required to use the Makerspace equipment.

We periodically offer workshops in 3D Modelling, check our workshops page for available learning opportunities.

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