Makerspace Equipment

Due to the continuing threat of Covid-19, our Makerspace activities have been suspended. Our staff remain available to assist remotely with project design and software training but the usage of the maker tools will not be possible until further notice.

Limited mediated 3D printing (the library prints for you) is available Feb 1. 2022 onwards at the Cameron Service Desk.

3D Printing

There is currently limited 3D printing service available. See OPTION 1

The Library Prints for You

We do all the work to slice, set up, and monitor the print job. We notify you when it is complete. Pick your 3D models up from Cameron Library Service Desk. Make sure to read about how it works. Ensure you prepare your model for printing.

You Print Yourself

Due to the pandemic, the makerspace is presently closed. We hope to reopen this space at a later time.

3D Scanning

The Digital Scholarship Centre offers University of Alberta students, faculty, and staff access to two 3D scanners: the handheld Sense Scanner and the desktop-based Next Engine Scanner

Users can book a time to use either scanner once they have attended the 3D Scanning Basics orientation.

Cutting Tools

The DSC has a Cricut Maker cutting machine and a Fabool Laser Mini Laser Cutter/Engraver.

Users may book time on machines once they have completed the Basics Workshop for each machine. Test materials are available free of charge. For projects, users are expected to purchase their own materials.


The DSC has a variety of software for design and modelling on our 8 high-performance computers. Visit the Software Page to see a listing of what is available and to book a machine.

Workstations within the Makerspace have all the programs and drivers required to use the Makerspace equipment. These workstations also include Blender and Meshmixer.

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