The University of Alberta Libraries has infrastructure and expertise to support a variety of research projects. We are happy to work with students and faculty from across disciplines to support research projects that involve technology. The following are services offered to the University of Alberta community free of charge.

Project Consultation

Any member of the University of Alberta community is welcome to approach us for consultation. We can provide support on any stage or aspect of a digital scholarship or pedagogical project to help determine the digital tools, techniques, and methods that best suit the project of any size. This includes helping scholars articulate research needs and requests in clearer, more refined manner, which in turn, allows them to approach campus, academic, and community partners with less ambiguity. 

We can help articulate process or technology needs, as well as advise on appropriate project management practices suited to your research.

Research Grant Applications

We can partner on grant applications to meet project requirements for metadata standards, web publishing, research data management, dissemination of results and preservation. We can also provide estimates for in-kind contributions using spaces, technology, and expertise available in the Centre.

Data Access and Management

Embarking upon a research project requires many things. Now more than ever, this means having a plan for where your data goes, how you put it together, and where to put it once you publish. We can help you through this process, from writing the grant to depositing your final work.

Repository Services

Our Educational Research Archive (ERA) has open access content that includes the intellectual output of the University and promotes global opportunities for research discovery as well as for archival preservation. ERA provides an easy and convenient solution for faculty who must deposit their research in an open access repository to meet funding agency requirements.

Journal Hosting and Publishing

The University of Alberta Libraries partners with learned societies, scholarly associations, researchers, and student groups to support the creation of scholar-led and community-owned open publications. Our no-fee publishing program provides significant support to over 50 Canadian open access peer-reviewed journals through our institutionally-hosted Open Journal Systems (OJS) publishing platform. We also provide no-fee publishing services for University of Alberta-affiliated faculty and staff who are creating or adapting open textbooks and other open educational resources for use in their courses. For more information, please visit

Metadata Services

If you have an idea for a research project, but are unsure how to gather or create the data for it, we can help. We provide tools that enable you to harvest information from various sources and search tools to collect the data you need. Our knowledgeable staff can also train individuals or teams on metadata basics. Whether you need help with selecting a particular standard or platform, our staff can teach necessary skills to organize your data regardless of the discipline.

Digital Preservation

University of Alberta Libraries provide several services to aid with digital preservation related activities. These include advice and guidance for preserving digital content, guidelines about the creation of digital content suitable for long-term preservation, help with accessing old digital content using migration and emulation tools, and assistance with content recovery from old or damaged media. We can also assist with content recovery and archiving web content for scholarly use.

To book a consultation with a member of our team, please contact us at