As a hub for turning ideas into academic activity, the Digital Scholarship Centre is a welcoming space that lowers barriers to entry for those wishing to become more digitally fluent in their approach to research,  learning, and scholarly communication practices.

What is Digital Scholarship?

“Digital scholarship” is a label which has come to mean many things, but one which historian and researcher Abby Smith Rumsey defines as, “the use of digital evidence and method, digital authoring, digital publishing, digital curation and preservation, and digital use and reuse of scholarship.” In its simplest form, it is scholarship that critically appreciates and makes use of the affordances of our evolving digital environment. Digital scholarship is typically collaborative, interdisciplinary, and reliant on a broad range of functional expertise in libraries, information technology, research services, and pedagogy, in additional to subject matter specialists.

What is Research?

As an academic centre, the DSC relies on the University of Alberta definition of research: “an undertaking intended to extend knowledge through a disciplined inquiry or systematic investigation.  It may take basic, applied,  or experimental forms.” As such, research includes original and creative work. Research does not include:

  • Classroom discussion, interviews and consultations with experts for
    teaching and learning purposes, or teaching evaluations.
  • Professional practice including medicine, law, and engineering.
  • Quality assurance studies and performance reviews.

The Space

Our centre boasts around 8,000 sq. feet of research space located on the second floor of the Cameron Science & Technology Library on the North Campus of the University of Alberta. Knowledgeable library staff are available to help visitors in the facility during operating hours. Within the space, DSC visitors have access to the following:

  • Large-scale, multi-touch visualization wall
  • Seminar room with movable furniture for hands-on instruction
  • Gaming-quality computers (Mac and PC)
  • Professional software
  • Fabrication and multimedia equipment
  • Collaboration work spaces